Alternative Energy Development LLC

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We will clear your land of mesquite and juniper ("cedar"). For free. Really.

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How does this work?

Basically, we will clear the mesquite and juniper ("cedar") from your land. We then process the wood we harvest and sell it for use as a replacement for fossil fuels.

We do this at no cost to you, which can save you hundreds of dollars per acre in clearing costs.


Will this damage my property?

AED will take every precaution to ensure that the clearing process meets your expectations with minimal interference to your property.

We are dedicated to making this a positive experience for the landowner, their representatives and staff.

cut wood

What will happen during this process?

A successful removal program on your property includes:

Approximately 30 days before a crew begins cutting trees, an AED land manager will meet with you and/or your representatives to determine brush patterns, trees to be preserved, access to the trees, and anything else needed for a successful harvest.

As tree removal begins, the land manager will be present to answer any questions and ensure the agreed upon plan is followed.

In most cases, trees and stumps will be air-dried in the field, typically for 3–4 months, before moving to a plant site.

Within two weeks of the tree removal, your land manager will meet with you to ensure that your land is in approved condition.

PLEASE NOTE: You may call our corporate office at any time to speak with one of our land managers. You will also have direct access to your land manager via cell phone.

More details may also be found in the Timber Lease Agreement.


How do I get started?

Contact us. We will answer any questions you have and send you the Timber Lease Agreement for your review.