Alternative Energy Development LLC

Energy. Better.

If you're looking for carbon-neutral fuel, we've got it.


AED produces carbon neutral biomass wood pellets and chips from the sustainable harvest of invasive, undesirable Texas trees. Our wood fuel is carbon neutral and will help power producers meet EU 2020 greenhouse gas reduction levels.

AED can supply either mesquite (19.5–20 MegaJoules/Kg) or juniper (18.5–19 MegaJoules/Kg) derived wood fuel. With first deliveries scheduled for the 2nd half 2015, AED is capable of sustainably supplying 900,000 short tons per year from our 500,000 acre land bank, which represents approximately 10,000,000 tons of timber. AED anticipates doubling or tripling our biomass reserves by the time we start shipping our pellets.

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